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The Bob Bateup Story

Specialising in High Country Photography I have recently turned my long time hobby and passion into a profession. A friend said I would not last more than 3 months working in the mountains, that was over 42 years ago, so clearly I was hooked. The unique beauty, changeability and often harsh environment of the alpine regions are truly magnetic.

It has always been my passion to capture and share the special moments when nature turns on an amazing display. These moments do seem to be more common in the high country and my long working hours has often allowed me to be in the right place at the right time. However, there are times when we can only stop and admire and say “If only I had my camera”.

For many years now, I have been using the panoramic format to help capture the emotion of the wide mountain vistas. Many of these photographs are on display in my recently opened Gallery in Mansfield, Victoria.